What Rick Stands For

Elect Rick Dixon
Ward 5 City Councillor

Rick is an advocate of getting the HUB approved and built with all amenities without downsizing.

The Town of Simcoe dropped the ball in the past by building of an undersized county swimming pool that could not be used for any swimming competitions or meets.

Concerned about the downtown drug problem including the current methadone clinics. Rick is an advocate of cleaning up the down town core.

Rick is proactive rather than reactive and believes that council needs to be the same.

Rick does not like the costs associated with all of the Ontario Municple Board appeals and thinks that some appeals can be averted saving the county money.

County contracts and purchasing should allow for local business and professionals to have an opportunity to bid for services and products. Currently there are too many contracts leaving Norfolk County businesses.

Rick is a proponent in strong tourism and he believes that the county can do much better attracting out of town guests by helping to create tourist desinations.

Rick is in favor of the creation of more youth oriented activity facilities and would like to see more places that the youth might be interested in to take them off the street and give them something of greater interest to do.

Rick would like to kickstart the development in Norfolk County since it has really bogged down, become restrictive and difficult to accomplish in a timely manner.

Norfolk County by it’s offical plan is comitted to not only restricting but also assisting the agricultural community and it’s changing needs. Rick believes that improvement is needed.